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Precautions For Operation Of Woodworking Band Saw

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Precautions for operation of woodworking band saw£º

1. The motor of the band saw shall be inspected and tested regularly, and the qualified label shall be attached if the inspection and test are qualified.

2. All wires attached shall be threaded and fixed firmly. There are measures to prevent the outer edge layer of the conductor from wearing due to vibration. The metal shell of the fuselage is well grounded.

3. The rotating part of the machine is well lubricated without jamming and abnormal sound.

band saw

4. The joint of the band saw shall be flat, the strip shall be free of cracks, the sawtooth shall be sharp, and there shall be no missing teeth of two or more consecutive teeth.

5. During no-load test run, check that the strip shall be free of string and obvious shaking.

6. The protective cover of driven wheel (driving wheel) and saw blade in non working section is intact.

7. The machine tool shall be maintained regularly by a specially assigned person, and the rotating shaft shall be lubricated regularly.

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