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Safe Operation Mode Of Square Wood Multi Rip Saw

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Safe operation mode of square wood multi rip saw£º

1. The machine needs to be warmed up for 10 minutes before use. When cutting, start the dust collection system to prevent wood chips from blocking.

2. When feeding, do not put your hand into the machine to push the wood. When the material enters the machine, leave your hands immediately.

3, when wood is stuck, the tool must be stopped before adjusting and removing.

4. Before operation, the operator must be familiar with the performance, purpose and operation precautions of the machine. Novices are strictly prohibited to operate the machine alone.

5. Do not use deformed or cracked tools during maintenance; Wear gloves when installing and removing tools; When installing the cutter, pay attention to the rotation direction of the cutter shaft, closely connect the cutter shaft ferrule without gap, and rotate the nut; When using the movable tool holder, it is necessary to determine whether the blade fixing screw is tightened to avoid the blade flying out in the cutting process; Do not exceed the Z high speed when the tool is running.

multi rip saw

6. After repair or maintenance, please return all safety devices or protective covers to their original places, and start the machine.

7. Operators must wear appropriate clothes, gloves and long hair during operation. Non operators are not allowed to approach the working machine.

8. Before starting the machine, check whether the safety protection cover is positioned reliably and whether there are tools or foreign objects in each part.

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