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Precautions For Chain Chain Trencher Operation

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Precautions for chain chain trencher operation:

1. During normal walking, the rear crawling gearbox is placed in the neutral position, and its own gear can be used during walking.

2. The machine dealer of the buried pipe ditching machine said that when the machine ditching, its own traveling gear should be placed in the neutral position, and the output should be turned to open the ditch after use. It should be slowly lowered to the required depth, so that the rear creeping gear box can work with the first gear (the depth is greater than 1m). If the depth is less than 1m, it can choose the second or third gear.

chain trencher

3. It is strictly prohibited to use the self-propelled gear when trenching, because the speed of the self-propelled gear is too fast to meet the speed requirements of trenching, while the speed of the creeping gear is 0.8-1m per minute to reach the ideal speed for trenching. Therefore, it is different from the speed of the self-propelled creeping gearbox, so it should be used separately. If it is mixed.

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