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Brief Introduction Of Chain Trencher Made In China

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Even under hard geological conditions such as bricks and stones, the chain trencher can open grooves with neat shape and consistent specifications. The ditching machine is very suitable for agriculture and engineering because of its neat shape, loose soil, unified depth and symmetrical width. In agriculture, it is very suitable for farmland irrigation, pipeline laying, orchard management, crop planting and harvest, etc. In terms of engineering, it is very suitable for ditching along stone, highway, road rock, concrete pavement, frozen soil, etc. Chain trencher is a kind of trenching machine used in earthwork construction. chain trencherIt is similar to excavator in many ways. It has the functions of soil penetration, soil crushing and soil borrowing. The difference lies in the continuous operation of ditching function, high ditching efficiency and small surface damage. It is very suitable for farmland irrigation, pipeline laying, orchard planting and harvesting, agricultural planting and harvesting, etc.

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