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Working Principle Of Mini Rice Mill Machine From China

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Working principle of the latest rice milling machine: when the sample (brown rice) flows into the white milling chamber from the hopper, the brown rice is squeezed in the white milling chamber due to the internal pressure of the pressure roller and the promotion of mechanical force. After self phase friction and mutual friction between the brown rice and the grinding wheel, the skin of the brown rice can be quickly removed, and the whiteness of the white rice measured can be achieved within the adjusted time. 

rice milling machineSand roller rice mill is a new type of rice mill, which is mainly used to directly grind rice into white rice, and automatically separate rice, fine bran, small broken rice and grain nozzle without windmill or separation. The white rice processed by this machine has high purity, and the coarse bran will be grinded back automatically, all of which will become fine bran and good feed. The new rice mill has compact structure, convenient operation barrel and easy installation. It is equipped with dust removal device, which is used to collect bran and reduce environmental pollution. It works reliably. It is an excellent machine for centralized rice processing in rural areas. It can also peel grains and other cereals.

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