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Rice Milling Machine

Rice Mill Machine Made In China At Best Price

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The white rice processed by the rice milling machine has high purity, and the coarse bran will be grinded back automatically, all of which will become fine bran and good feed. The machine has compact structure, convenient operation barrel and easy installation. It is equipped with dust removal device, which is used to collect bran and reduce environmental pollution. It has superior performance and reliable operation. It is an excellent machine for centralized rice processing in rural areas. The rice mill is mainly used for rice milling, corn peeling, sorghum, wheat, rice, soybeans and millet processing. 

rice milling machineThe machine belongs to a new type of safety, environmental protection and energy-saving full-automatic rice milling and peeling machine. The rice milling and peeling adopts shaft screw transportation, no roller, no rice knife, and the rice screen and shaft are made of special materials, which can be increased by 25%. The processing materials are complete and people taste good in eating. It is a better modern rice milling and peeling machine equipment.

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