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Rice Milling Machine

How To Use Rice Milling Machine Correctly

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The rice milling machine is mainly used to process the peeled rice of millet milling and sorghum, as well as the peeling processing of corn, wheat, barley, mung beans, soybeans and other cereals, as well as the traditional Chinese medicine Fructus Rehmanniae and job's tears. It has a grinding wheel, screen and rice grinding knife. A fan is set at the lower part of the base and bran discharge channels are evenly distributed on the body. Its particularity is that the main shaft of the grain peeling machine is formed by inserting the long shaft and the short shaft into each other, A bearing is arranged at the insertion gap between the long shaft and the short shaft, the long shaft and the short shaft are respectively connected with the motor, and the belt arranged on the long shaft is connected with the belt pulley arranged on the short shaft, 

rice milling machinethe fan is installed at the lower part of the short shaft, and the grinding wheel is superimposed and installed on the long shaft. The advantages are: it can realize the differential speed between the fan and the grinding wheel and the amount of bran discharged. Even if it works for a long time, it will not cause the accumulation of bran, reduce the grain crushing rate, and the processed grain will not be doped with bran. There is no need to screen bran after grain peeling, which greatly improves the grain purification rate and processing efficiency,

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