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Vertical Rice Milling Machine Operation Guide

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Vertical rice milling machine operation guide:

1. Stable operation. Rolling bearings only bear axial force, no mutual force caused by rolling bearing ground stress and the whole equipment torque is small. The horizontal installation of the roll is not high for the production and assembly line; Relative structural parts of the technical standard is general;

2. Small production volume and weight. Because the radial driving force is large, the water flow of small rice grain is large. Under the condition of the same total flow of raw materials as that of the column rice milling machine, the diameter of the roll and the total area of the ring are small, the volume of the whole equipment is small, the net weight is light, the comprehensive manufacturing technology standard is low, and the cost is low.

rice milling machine

3. It is convenient to disassemble sand roller in horizontal direction of rice milling machine, saving cost;

4. The rice yield is high, the spiral groove makes the hydrodynamics relative density of the long rice grains symmetrical, the rolling fitness movement is good, and all parts of the rice grains are uniform;

5. Two rice rollers in the same axis or different axis fusion is very convenient and effective.

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