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Rice Milling Machine

Operation Guide For Rice Milling Machine

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Operation guide for rice milling machine:

1. Place the rice mill on the workbench stably and plug in the power plug.

2. Determine the whitening time and adjust the timing knob.

rice milling machine

3. Take out the pressure in the hopper, take 17-20g of brown rice (the moisture content is not more than 15%) and put it into the hopper, and let it flow into the whitening chamber. First press the power button to start, and then lower the pressure.

4. At the specified time, the rice mill will automatically stop, take out the hopper and remove the bran. Plug in the receiving hopper, then take out the pressure, turn the front rotating handle to the right, so that the milled rice in the whitening chamber falls into the receiving hopper, turn the timing knob to position 0, press the power button to idle the sand wheel for several seconds, so that all the rice grains in the whitening chamber fall, and then pull out the rice receiving bucket, and the measured milled rice is obtained through screening.

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