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The Most Reliable Thread Rolling Machine Factory In China

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The thread shapes made by the thread rolling machine can be straight thread, plain thread, rotary thread and other styles. In a simple sentence, the style is arbitrary, but the premise is solid bar. The second is the three-axis thread rolling machine, which mainly processes threads for hollow pipes. The thread styles are also diverse. It only needs to be equipped with several sets of different kinds of thread rolling wheels, and the pipe diameter can be controlled within the range that the machine can process! Then why does the pipe need to use three axes! 

thread rolling machineIn fact, the reason is very simple. The pipe workpiece itself is hollow. If it is rolled by a two-axis wire rolling machine, it is easy to squeeze and deform the workpiece. If it is rolled by a three-axis wire rolling machine, this problem can be completely avoided. Three point balance can well protect pipe workpieces from extrusion and deformation.

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