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Method Of Drilling Well With Small Mobile Drilling Machine

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The actual operation of small diesel drilling rig machine can only be carried out after being familiar with and mastering the operation essentials.

1. Site selection:

Select the well drilling position, select the wellhead position, and dig the wellhead with a shovel with a depth of 30-50cm and a diameter of 10-30cm. Move the installed rack above the wellhead for alignment. Generally, the soil surface at the drilling wellhead shall be dense, and there shall be no bricks, gravel and firewood overhead below, so as to avoid water seepage, collapse, subsidence and other phenomena in the process of drilling operation, resulting in potential safety hazards.

drilling rig

2. Digging reservoir:

A reservoir with a diameter of more than 1.5 square meters and a depth of one meter shall be excavated about four meters away from the wellhead (or according to the actual terrain and the length of the water pipe). The pressure water pump shall be hung horizontally in the pool with a wooden rod (it is appropriate to cover the water pump with a horizontal plane) and the other end of the water pump pipe shall be connected with the faucet of the drilling machine.

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