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Precautions For Operation Of Concrete Coring Machine

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The concrete core drilling machine is mainly used for coring of cement concrete, asphalt concrete and limestone foundations such as highways, airports, ports, wharfs and dams for compression and bending tests. The maximum core sample can reach 700mm. The concrete coring machine adopts one machine with multiple functions (optional), which can drill and coring, cut and grind the core sample, which greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the equipment investment. It is an ideal engineering testing equipment.

Precautions for operation of concrete coring machine:

1. When the concrete drilling and coring machine is drilling, it shall ensure that the feed speed is uniform, about 3 ~ 5cm / min. if the drill bit is stuck, the feed speed can be reduced appropriately. If necessary, the drill bit can be lifted for a section, and then drilled slowly. Hard drilling is prohibited to avoid damaging the drill bit and machine.

core drilling machine

2. Sufficient water cooling must be maintained throughout the drilling process.

3. Overload is not allowed during drilling. When the motor temperature exceeds 70 ℃ (feel hot), the loading force shall be reduced and a new drill bit shall be replaced.

4. At the end of drilling, the machine can be stopped only when the drill bit is separated from the workpiece.

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