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Core Drilling Machine

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Core Drilling Machine

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Core Drilling Machine

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Core Drilling Machine Description

The concrete rock coring machine has the characteristics of beautiful shape, low noise, durability and convenient operation. The machine has a high degree of automation and adopts §¶ 25¡« §¶ 200 diamond drill bit, drilling depth < = 400mm, as long as the sample is clamped through the special fixture, the host and tripping button can be started to complete the whole drilling process at one time (adjust the high, medium and low gears during tripping according to the hardness of the sample).
Application method of concrete pavement coring machine:
1. Install a hollow drill bit of appropriate diameter.
2. Move the drilling hole to the required working place, fix the drilling hole with expansion screws, adjust the anchor screws to stabilize the drilling machine, or fix the drilling and coring machine with a heavy enough base plate to prevent the machine from moving during drilling and coring.
3. Connect the water source and check whether there is water flowing out.
4. Start the generator and turn on the circuit switch.
5. Rotate the handle to gently contact the drill bit with the cut part. When the drill bit is cut into about 10mm, the screw in speed can be accelerated by pressurizing the handle.
6. After cutting, keep rotating and lift the drill bit. When it is about 5mm away from the surface of the test piece, turn off the power supply. The drill bit leaves the surface of the test piece and turn off the water source.
7. Remove the fixing bolt, drag it away from the coring machine, and take out the sample with a clamp.
8. When in use, the drill bit shall be prevented from hitting hard objects to avoid damaging the drill bit.
Precautions for operation of asphalt pavement coring machine:
1. When the concrete drilling and coring machine is drilling, it shall ensure that the feed speed is uniform, about 3 ~ 5cm / min. if the drill bit is stuck, the feed speed can be reduced appropriately. If necessary, the drill bit can be lifted for a section, and then drilled slowly. Hard drilling is prohibited to avoid damaging the drill bit and machine.
2. Maintain sufficient water cooling throughout the drilling process.
3. Overload is not allowed during drilling. When the motor temperature exceeds 70 ¡æ (feel hot), the loading force shall be reduced and a new drill bit shall be replaced.

4. At the end of drilling, the machine can be stopped only when the drill bit is separated from the workpiece. 

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