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Road Cutting Machine

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Road Cutting Machine

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Road Cutting Machine

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Road Cutting Machine Description

The road cutting machine adopts thickened frame and diamond saw blade, which is mainly used to cut the expansion joint of concrete pavement. At the same time, it can cut and slot various specifications of concrete products, marble and granite products. It is a necessary construction machine in concrete road construction engineering; The machine adopts diamond blade for cutting, which has the advantages of fast cutting speed, flat and beautiful incision, and can cut off the reinforcement in the concrete at the same time; Simple and reliable structure, flexible and convenient operation and durability; The cutting machine comes with water.
Structural advantages of road cutting machine and gasoline road cutting machine:
1. Adjustable or shock-absorbing device on the handle makes the operation comfortable and simple, superior to other models.
2. The reinforced protective steel cover can effectively protect the engine and prolong the service life of the machine.
3. Save maintenance cost: fully enclosed belt protection cover to prevent the damage of dust to the belt.
4. The detachable water tank is equipped with a large water inlet and a quick connector, which makes it easier and simpler to add water each time.
5. The mud mixing wall cutting machine has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, flexible operation, labor saving, low vibration, straight and beautiful cutting joints and high efficiency. It is a necessary machine for cutting in the above industries.
6. It adopts hand push cutting forward, and a diamond saw blade is installed on the main shaft at the lower end of the machine head. The main shaft is driven to rotate by a gasoline engine through a triangular belt. A hand wheel for adjusting the cutting depth is installed at the front end of the push handle. Rotating the hand wheel can change the track width of the front and rear traveling wheels, and the saw blade will rise or fall accordingly. A water tank is installed at the rear of the machine body to cool the saw blade.
Application scope of walking diesel road cutting machine:
1. Soft and hard cutting of transverse and longitudinal joints in cement pavement construction.
2. During the repair of pavement pits and grooves, the local cutting of damaged pavement surface or base can be completed with the help of pavement crushing pick.
3. The dry cutting blade can be used to clean the straight crack of cement pavement.
4. Before the new paving of asphalt concrete, the original pavement shall be slightly milled and roughened.

5. The deep cutting machine is especially suitable for the deep cutting operation of airport runway and expressway cement pavement. 

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