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The Best Road Cutting Machine I've Ever Seen

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The belt of road cutting machine adopts special design, which not only has high power transmission rate, but also fully considers heat dissipation and prolongs its service life; The road tracking sound-absorbing blade cover can effectively block the high-frequency noise above 1kHz and truly realize efficient and low pollution construction; The unique dust-free cutting system can effectively absorb more than 99% of the dust into the high-capacity dust collection box of the equipment, making the construction environment more environmentally friendly;

road cutting machine Equipped with cutting depth locking device, it will not cause uneven cutting depth with the vibration of the machine body during cutting; The machine body is equipped with one button brake, which makes transportation and slope parking safer; The cutting depth is measured with a scale, which is clear at a glance; Ergonomic anti vibration handrail makes operators more comfortable in construction; The overall operation of the machine is stable, the cutting efficiency is high, and there is no swing, which improves the service life of the blade.

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