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Power Trowel

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Power Trowel

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Power Trowel

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Power Trowel Description

The power trowel machine is also known as the troweling machine. Its main structure is a trowel rotor driven by gasoline engine, and a trowel is installed on the bottom of the cross in the middle of the rotor. The tilt direction of the spatula is consistent with the rotation direction of the rotor. The triangular belt driven by the gasoline engine rotates the spatula rotor. When operating, start the fire first, hold the joystick, and push forward together to move forward, and pull back together to move backward. It can do 100 ~ 300m2 per hour on average, which can improve the work efficiency by more than 30 times compared with manual troweling.
Car mounted troweling machine is a kind of rough and fine troweling machine for concrete surface. The surface of machine construction is smoother and smoother than that of manual construction, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of concrete surface, and improve the work efficiency by more than 10 times compared with manual operation. The ground troweling machine can be widely used for slurry lifting, troweling and troweling of the concrete surface of high-standard workshops, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports and frame buildings. It is the preferred tool in concrete construction.
Structural features and product advantages of driveable car mounted polishing machine:
1. Driving operation greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.
2. Two wiping discs can be installed at the same time for rapid slurry extraction.
3. There are 8 blades in two directions, with a self weight of 380kg, which has a better compaction effect on the ground.
4. The mechanical steering operating system is sensitive, easy and comfortable to operate.
5. With variable gear, the rotating speed of high-grade plasterer can reach 160 rpm, which makes the light collection faster and the effect better. Low gear can make the slurry lifting of plasterer more powerful.
6. Equipped with high-power electric starting engine to provide strong and reliable power.
7. There is a safety cut-off switch, which can quickly shut down the engine to ensure safety.
8. The control screw can adjust the blade angle.
9. Sprinkler and lighting design can facilitate construction.
10. It is equipped with lifting walking wheels to facilitate the replacement of plastering tablets, plastering discs and walking.

11. Advantages of this machine: quality, effect, efficiency, price and after-sales service. At present, domestic similar machinery has high cost performance. 

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