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Guide To The Operation Skills Of The Ride Type Power Trowel

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This machine is used for pulping, compacting, leveling and polishing concrete floor. Compared with the hand-held glazing machine, the efficiency is very high. Power trowel has the following characteristics:

1, driving operation, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

2, double knife plate, the ground has better compaction effect.

3, mechanical steering operating system, responsive, easy to operate, comfortable.

4. Two wipe plates can be installed at the same time for rapid pulping.

power trowel

5, equipped with high horsepower point start engine, provide strong and reliable power.

6, control screw can adjust blade Angle.

7. The support arm of the polishing knife is made of super-large diameter carbon structural steel with strict heat treatment, which can adapt to the brutal operation of individual workers.

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