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Top ten advantages of riding power trowel

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Top ten advantages of riding power trowel:

1. Driving operation greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

2. Two wiping discs can be installed at the same time for rapid slurry extraction.

3. Ten blades in two directions, with a self weight of 400kg, have * good compaction effect on the ground.

4. Mechanical steering operating system, responsive, easy and comfortable operation.

power trowel

5. It has a variable gear, and the rotating speed of the trowel can reach 160 rpm, which makes the light collection fast and the effect good. The low gear can make the trowel tray strong in slurry lifting.

6. Equipped with high horsepower electric starting engine to provide strong and reliable power.

7. There is a safety cut-off switch, which can quickly shut down the engine to ensure safety.

8. The control screw can adjust the blade angle.

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