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Road Roller

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Road Roller

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Road Roller Description

The roller is mainly suitable for the compaction of non cohesive materials such as gravel, gravel, sand gravel mixture, sandy soil and rock filling in foundation layer, sub foundation layer and filling engineering. It is an ideal compaction equipment for the construction of high-grade highway, railway, airport, port, dam and industrial site. Road roller, also known as soil roller, is a kind of road repair equipment. It is applicable to the maintenance of municipal roads and highways, as well as the compaction of narrow roads such as trench foundation with a width of more than 1.1m, building construction, pipeline backfilling and sports venues.
Road roller, also known as soil roller, is a kind of road repair equipment. Road roller belongs to the category of road equipment in engineering machinery. It is widely used in the filling and compaction of large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highway, railway, airport runway, dam and stadium. It can roll sandy, semi cohesive and cohesive soil, subgrade stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. The roller is suitable for various compaction operations under the gravity of the machine itself, so that the compacted layer will be permanently deformed and compacted. Road rollers are divided into steel wheel type and tire type.
Structural features and advantages of full hydraulic car mounted small roller:
1. Hydraulically driven, more vigorous walking.
2. Hydraulic steering, more flexible steering, can be operated by one hand.
3. Hydraulic vibration, greater vibration force.
4. Hydraulic vibration or oscillation, large exciting force and high compaction density.
5. Articulated frame, hydraulic steering, small turning radius and flexible.
6. Anti corrosion sprinkler system, super large capacity water tank, electric pressurized sprinkler, unique nozzle design, covering all steel wheels.
7. Long life anti vibration and damping block with large damping coefficient can effectively absorb vibration and operate comfortably.
8. Unique and excellent edging performance, which can work close to buildings.

9. Hydraulic braking is adopted, which is reliable. 

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