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Precautions When Operating The Road Roller

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Precautions when operating the road roller:

1. During operation, the roller shall start first and then start to vibrate. The internal combustion engine shall be placed at medium speed first and then adjusted to high speed.

2. Stop the engine first when changing speed and reversing, and reduce the speed of the internal combustion engine when changing speed.

3. It is forbidden for the roller to vibrate on a solid ground.

road roller

4. When rolling soft subgrade, it shall be rolled for 1 ~ 2 times without vibration, and then vibrated.

5. During rolling, the vibration frequency shall be consistent. For your adjustable vibratory roller, the vibration frequency shall be adjusted before operation. It is not allowed to adjust the vibration frequency without vibration.

6. The adjustment of reversing clutch, shock clutch and brake shall be carried out after the main clutch is disengaged.

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