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How To Operate The Road Roller Made In China Correctly

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Double steel wheel road roller: it can be used to compact soil, asphalt roads, sidewalks, bridges and culverts, parking lots, sports venues and narrow venues. It has vertical vibration, large exciting force and high compaction efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for highway and municipal departments to build roads, streets and squares. The driving roller has a small working radius and can work in a narrow area, which is suitable for trench backfilling; International brand Honda gasoline engine or famous diesel engine, 

road rollerwith guaranteed quality, superior performance and easy start. International Sauer hydraulic transmission unit is adopted, with stepless speed change, front and rear walking and convenient reversing; The starting of the engine and the electromagnetic clutch control of the machine vibration make the operation easier and more convenient; Luxury seats are installed, which are easy to adjust and comfortable to work.

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