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The Best Electric Road Roller Made In China

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The road roller is arranged according to the axle, including single axle single wheel, double axle double wheel, double axle three wheel and three axle three wheel. It is powered by internal combustion engine and adopts mechanical transmission or hydraulic transmission. General front wheel steering, good mobility, rear wheel drive. In order to improve the steering and rolling performance, articulated steering structure and all wheel drive should be adopted. The front wheel frame is hinged with the frame to reduce the body swing caused by uneven road surface. The rear wheel and the frame are rigidly connected. The steering is controlled by hydraulic control and hydraulic cylinder. 

road rollerThe front and rear grinding wheels are equipped with scrapers to remove the adhesive on the grinding wheels. A water spraying system is also installed to spray water on the roller to prevent the asphalt mixture from adhering when compacting the asphalt pavement. In order to increase the force, iron, sand and water can also be added in the roller to increase the weight.

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