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Operating Guide For Small Vibratory Roller

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Function and construction of mud scraping device of small vibrating road roller.

Role: stripper device in roller is essential during the construction of a low-key device hardware, including the role of in small vibratory roller compaction when shave their rolling ShiGang wheel stuck with soil, asphalt concrete and cement concrete fabrics such as mixing, ensure the quality of roller compaction in the construction area and cleaning roller.

road roller

Construction: Mud scraper usually has elastic and rigid structure. The elastic structure is mainly composed of scraper, jib, jib connecting plate, adjusting seat and supporting shaft or long bolt, shaft seat, lifting lug, hook and torsion spring. The supporting shaft or long bolt is connected with the chassis beam or square frame through the shaft seat or bracket; Left and right rotation spring, arm and other parts installed on the support shaft or long bolt; The mud scraper is mounted on the rotary arm. Through the adjustment of the rotary arm connecting plate, it is close to or maintains a certain gap with the surface of the roller steel wheel. It is mainly used for scraping mud of the front wheel and rear wheel in static action. The rigid mud scraper device is mainly composed of scraper, scraper bracket and fixed frame, scraper is fixed on the scraper bracket, scraper bracket is fixed on the chassis girder or box, it is mainly used for vibration roller vibration wheel and small roller roller before and after scraping mud.

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