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The Road Roller Shall Start First And Then Vibrate

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1. During operation, the road roller shall start first and then vibrate, and the internal combustion engine shall be set to medium speed first, and then regulate the high speed.

2. Stop the engine first when changing speed and reversing, and reduce the speed of internal combustion engine when changing speed.

3. It is strictly forbidden to vibrate the road roller on the solid ground.

4. When rolling soft subgrade, it shall be rolled for 1~2 times without vibration, and then vibratory rolling.

5. The vibration frequency shall be consistent during rolling. For the vibratory roller that can be adjusted, the vibration frequency shall be adjusted before operation. It is not allowed to adjust the vibration frequency without starting vibration.

road roller

6. The adjustment of reversing clutch, shock clutch and brake shall be carried out after the main clutch is disengaged.

7. Do not use fast gear when going uphill or downhill. It is strictly prohibited to use fast gear when making sharp turns, including when the articulated vibratory roller is rolling in small turns.

8. The roller shall not engage in vibration at high speeds.

9. When stopping the engine, the vibration shall be stopped first, then the reversing mechanism shall be placed in the middle position, the transmission shall be placed in neutral, the hand brake control lever shall be pulled up, and the internal combustion engine shall be shut down after idling for several minutes.

10. Other operation requirements shall conform to the regulations of static roller.

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