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Snow Sweeper

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Snow Sweeper

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Snow Sweeper

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Snow Sweeper Description

As an important equipment for snow removal in winter, snow sweeper has significant advantages such as high efficiency, economy and environmental protection. With the increasing economy and social progress, snow removal equipment is gradually popularized and used at home and abroad. Small mechanical snow cleaning vehicle is mainly composed of prime mover, transmission device, snow collecting device, snow throwing device, walking system and operating system. The prime mover can be motor or engine, mostly gasoline engine or diesel engine; Snow collection device is used to collect snow, mainly using snow shovels or spiral augers; The snow throwing device is to throw the collected snow to one side of the road or the collecting device. There are two main ways: throwing snow impeller and blower; The walking device is used to realize the advance of the machine, including hand push type and self-propelled type; The operating device mainly controls the operation and travel direction of the equipment.
The following points should be paid attention to when maintaining the equipment:
1. Before the snow sweeper works, it is necessary to disassemble and clean all parts of the equipment, and apply grease to the bearing parts during the cleaning process to ensure the normal operation of the bearing.
2. It is necessary to ensure that there are no large stones and obvious stones in the work to prevent the equipment from damaging the gears and blades of the machine due to stones.
3. After using the snow sweeper, the dust on the equipment shall be cleaned in time, and the surface shall be coated with lubricating oil and grease, and parked in a dry environment for maintenance.
4. In case of paint falling or corrosion on individual parts of the equipment, please polish and repair the paint in time.
5. When maintaining the snow sweeper, it is necessary to overhaul the whole equipment according to the equipment maintenance procedures, and fill the rotating part with lubricating oil to ensure that the system has no fault.

6. After the work of the snow sweeper, it is necessary to timely clean the dust on the equipment, apply lubricating oil and grease on the surface, and park it in a dry environment for maintenance. 

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