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Correct Operation Steps Of Snow Sweeper Machine

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1. Connect the main engine to the attached snow sweeper body by quickly changing the connection. The locking pin of the quick change connector must be inserted into the pin hole of the snow sweeper bracket. The lever must be fully pressed and locked.

2. When connecting the main body of the closed snow sweeper, please ensure that the contact surface is free of visible dirt and other impurities, and that the adapter plate has been completely installed. Secondly, in the process of convergence, it is necessary to lift the snowplow of blockade. Otherwise, the bottom of the adapter plate may not be connected, so that the locking pin will not bend, leading to serious accidents, in which the closed clean device falls off.

3. Connect the attached hydraulic quick coupler to the main engine to ensure that the quick coupler is correctly in place. When installing and removing the hydraulic quick connector, be sure to turn off the mobilizer and apply the pressure relief function to release the internal pressure in the pipeline.

4. In order to improve the service life of the motor, the motor drain pipe should return to the main oil tank as much as possible.

5. Stick to an appropriate amount of snow blowing brush to make the clean result better. For the adjustment method, please refer to the following steps:

snow sweeper

(1) Move the cleaner onto a flat, dirty floor.

(2) Rotate the brush roller at low speed to lower the detergent to the ground and run it for about half a minute under working conditions.

(3) Lift the snow sweeper to start the brake, turn off the power, and review the clean traces. The width of the clean marks shall be about 150 mm and the length shall be equal to the length of the roller brush.

(4) If the width of the cleaning trace is not adjacent to the reference value, adjust the compaction amount of the brush through the adjusting bolts at both ends of the cleaner.

(5) Be sure to adjust the adjusting bolts at both ends to prevent uneven wear of the snow sweeper.

6. Start the equipment, make the snow sweeper start to rotate, and ensure that the blade edge of the bucket of the snow sweeper just contacts the ground. Lift the rear end of the bucket slightly off the ground. When the mobilization machine is clean, it is running. For better cleaning results, try lowering speed.

7. When starting the machine, the mobilization engine throttle should be in idle state. Use the variable flow control switch to slowly press the button, and use the hydraulic impact force to start the motor. After a few minutes of operation, the motor speed usually increases to the exact throttle condition.

8. In the cleaning process, the cleaning effect of the cleaning agent should be minimized to reduce excessive wear of the brush. After application for a period of time, review the wear of the brush of the snow sweeper, and adjust the compaction amount of the brush by adjusting the bolts to ensure good cleaning results.

9. The snow sweeper runs at a moderate speed at a low speed, which can better eliminate the gravel on the hard ground. If you drive too fast, it will raise dust and affect the operator's vision.

10. This is the operation process of the snow sweeper and the important method of care and protection.

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