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Five Core Operation Steps Of Snow Sweeper

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Keep a proper amount of snow blowing brush, so that the cleaning effect is better. Refer to the following steps for adjustment methods:

(1) Move the cleaner to a flat, dirty floor On.

(2) Rotate the brush roller at low speed to lower the detergent to the ground and run snow sweeper for about half a minute under working conditions.

(3) Lift the snow blower to activate the brake, turn off the power, and check for cleaning marks. The width of the cleaning trace shall be about 150 mm and the length shall be equal to the length of the roller brush.

snow sweeper

(4) If the width of the cleaning trace is not near the reference value, adjust the compaction amount of the brush through the adjusting bolts at both ends of the cleaner.

(5) Be sure to adjust the adjusting bolts at both ends to prevent uneven wear of the snow blower.

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