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What Is The Difference Between A Snow Sweeper And A Snow Thrower

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The biggest advantage of the snow sweeper is that no matter what kind of clear snow (floating snow, solid snow and ice), it does not need to use salt or snow melting agent, and can adapt to different road conditions. No matter what form of ice and snow, it can be operated by different institutions. Moreover, it can see the black road effect at one time, without damaging the sign line and the road surface, and the snow removal efficiency is more than 95%. 

snow sweeperHigh density and high elasticity steel wire rolling brush has good deicing effect, and can remove thin ice and thin compacted snow on the road, and the snow removal speed is fast; Asymmetric high-efficiency snow shovels can also be used; In terms of thick ice removal, in addition to the scraping roller for breaking ice and snow, we have also added the rolling impact roller, which will play a very satisfactory effect in removing thin ice without damaging the road surface. During operation, it can be used together with the rolling and scraping roller to achieve one-time deicing. When the auxiliary ice breaking auger is used, it can break the large ice and snow rolled down by the scraping roller so as to be discharged to the roadside.

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