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There Are Many Types And Specifications Of Road Cutting Machine

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There are many types and specifications of road cutting machine. It is a tool for road maintenance and construction. Its main function is to cut joints on the road surface. The depth of a thin line can range from 135mm-160mm-185mm. It is commonly used for cement pavement and asphalt pavement! Youda Machinery suggests that you need a certain degree of proficiency to operate the machine in order to carry out normal construction. Let's talk about it briefly.

1. Before starting the machine, check whether all bolts and nuts are loose; Check the power supply and wiring for leakage; Whether the rotation direction of the saw blade is consistent with the direction marked on the protective cover, and the machine can be started only after the inspection is correct.

2. The water tank shall be filled with water before startup; When working, turn on the water pipe switch in time and spray water to the saw blade for cooling. The cutting depth is adjusted by the hand wheel. Use the hand wheel to rotate the hand wheel in front of the push handle to make the screw nut rotate and rise, so that the height of the front wheel changes and the saw blade rises or falls accordingly.

road cutting machine

3. Before cutting, the saw blade should leave the ground. After the saw blade operates normally, the hand wheel should be slowly rotated to make the head fall. When the cutting depth of the saw blade is set, it can be pushed forward. At this time, the guide rod should be put down first to make the guide wheel land.

4. When cutting, both eyes should look at the guide wheel to master the cutting direction. Push the push handle with both hands to make the guide wheel move along the predetermined cutting line to ensure the straightness of the cut.

5. When traveling too fast and cutting too deep or encountering hard substances, the motor will reduce the speed of the saw blade due to overload. At this time, stop advancing or slow down the feeding speed to protect the motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and saw blade from damage.

6. Before the motor stops running, the saw blade should leave the cutting shape and the ground. In the non working state, it is strictly forbidden to land the saw blade to prevent it from deformation and damage.

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