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Introduction To The Use Of Road Cutting Machine

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Introduction to the use of road cutting machine£º

• check whether bolts and nuts of all parts are loose before startup; Check the power supply and wiring for leakage; Check whether the rotating direction of the saw blade is consistent with the marked direction of the protective cover, and start the machine only after it is checked to be correct.

• the water tank shall be filled with water before startup; When working, turn on the water pipe switch in time to spray water to the saw blade for cooling.

road cutting machine

• the cutting depth is adjusted by the hand wheel. Turn the hand wheel in front of the handle with the hand wheel to make the screw nut rotate and move up and down, so that the height of the front wheel changes, and the saw blade rises or falls accordingly.

• before cutting, the saw blade should be off the ground. After the saw blade is in normal operation, the hand wheel should be slowly rotated to drop the machine head. When the saw blade cuts to a predetermined depth, it can be pushed forward. At this time, the guide rod should be put down first to land the guide wheel.

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