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The Road Coring Machine Adopts Double Column Structure

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The core drilling machine adopts high-speed cutting technology and is matched with thin-walled diamond bit. It is widely used in drilling and coring in engineering construction, municipal engineering, equipment installation engineering, building quality inspection and other fields. Coring shall be conducted on the basis of concrete, asphalt pavement and limestone such as highway, airport, port and dam for compressive and flexural tests, large machinery and equipment shall be installed, anchor bolt holes shall be drilled, and Bridge handrails and traffic safety protective railings shall be installed.

core drilling machine

1. The road coring machine adopts double column structure and spiral feeding mode, which has good stability, simple and labor-saving operation. Equipped with wheels, easy to move.

2. The pavement coring machine adopts high-speed cutting technology and matched with thin-wall diamond bit, which can drill and cut high-strength reinforced concrete. It has high drilling efficiency, accurate hole position, smooth hole wall, good hole forming quality, complete and smooth core sample, small vibration and no damage to buildings.

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