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Precautions For Electric Core Drilling Machine

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Precautions for electric core drilling machine£º

1. When drilling, the feed speed shall be uniform, about 3 ~ 5cm / min. if the drill bit is stuck, the feed speed can be appropriately reduced. If necessary, the drill bit can be lifted to a section by the supplier Hebei Dahong Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd., and then slowly drilled in. Hard drilling is prohibited to avoid damaging the drill bit and the machine.

2. Sufficient water cooling must be maintained during the whole drilling process.

3. At the end of drilling, only when the drill bit is separated from the workpiece can it be stopped.

4. During drilling, overload is not allowed. When the motor temperature exceeds 70 ¡æ (feel hot), reduce the loading force and replace with a new drill bit.

core drilling machine

Maintenance of electric coring machine

1. Regularly check the connection of each component, and adjust it in time if it is loose.

2. When the drill bit is installed, lithium base grease shall be added to the two threads.

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