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Correct Operation Steps Of Road Core Drilling Machine

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Correct operation steps of road core drilling machine

(1) Install a hollow drill bit of proper diameter.

(2) Move the drill hole to the required working place, fix the drill hole with expansion screws, adjust the anchor screws to stabilize the drill, or fix the drilling and coring machine with a heavy base plate to prevent the machine from moving during drilling and coring.

(3) Connect the water source and check whether there is water flowing out.

(4) Start the generator and turn on the circuit switch.

(5) Rotate the handle to make the drill touch the cutting position slightly. When the drill is cut into about 10mm, press the handle to speed up the spinning speed.

core drilling machine

(6) After the cutting is completed, keep rotating and lift the drill bit. When the drill bit is about 5mm away from the surface of the test piece, turn off the power supply. When the drill bit leaves the surface of the test piece, turn off the water supply.

(7) Remove the fixing bolts, pull away the coring machine, and take out the sample with clamps.

(8) When using, prevent the drill bit from hitting hard objects to avoid damage to the drill bit.

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