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Structure And Advantages Of Mini Excavator

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Structure and advantages of mini excavator:

1. 360 ° rotation saves time and effort.

2. It has the functions of excavation, crushing, hook cleaning, drilling and bulldozing. It can quickly replace accessories and greatly improve the utilization rate of the machine.

3. Boom sideshift device: the front of the machine body is equipped with boom sideshift device. The boom can swing 90 degrees on the left and 50 degrees on the right, so as to truly realize the direct excavation of the wall root.


4. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, small size and flexibility, convenient transportation, and can operate in a narrow site.

5. Excellent work efficiency and cost performance.

6. The standard bulldozer can level the site, backfill the earth and increase the stability of the whole machine.

7. Beautiful appearance, high configuration, superior performance, low fuel consumption and wide operation range.

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