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Daily Operation Procedures For Excavator Drivers

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Daily operation procedures for excavator drivers:

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures and driving essentials, and try to avoid "tooth beating" during gear shifting, so as to reduce the wear of gear pair.

2. Strictly implement the maintenance system and strengthen the maintenance of shift device. When the linkage of the shift device is not connected properly, it shall be adjusted in time to ensure good performance of the shift device.


3. Pay attention to the repair and maintenance of the self-locking mechanism. The positioning steel ball, spring and shift fork shaft with reduced or lost positioning effect shall be repaired or replaced in time to make the self-locking performance of the self-locking mechanism in a good state.

4. When assembling the transmission, it shall be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that all parts of the transmission are adjusted correctly and tightened properly. In case of large downhill road, the driver shall operate in strict accordance with the action essentials of downhill, and shall not violate the rules.

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