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Operating Skills Of Electric Mini Crawler Excavator

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Small excavators are divided into wheel type and crawler type. According to the model, they can become small excavators under 80. In addition, how much money you want to buy, wheel type small excavators are generally about 150000-200000, model 60 is generally the smallest, crawler is more expensive, and 60 is also more than 200000. However, it depends on what you do. Crawler models are much smaller. Now in many places, such as greenhouses and basements, The models in the narrow environment are about 10, 15 and 18, with a width of about 1 meter. The imported ones are more than 200000, and there are not many domestic manufacturers who can produce this model. 

excavatorThe small excavator of songpai machinery is good, and the electric small excavator. I see that we use this kind of underground pipeline excavation. It is really small and flexible, mainly domestic ones are cheap, and the quality of large factories is guaranteed. Maintenance is also cheap in the future. If you want an orchard and consider the above conditions, you may have a clear idea to define your own excavator. Generally, 0.8-1.5 ton machines can be selected. In terms of price, the general price is between 27000-80000. According to the scale and investment of their orchard, most friends choose 1-ton excavators, and the price is about 31000. Just now the factory is offering discounts. If you want to know, you can pay attention to the comments and private letters.

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