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Operation Guide For Excavator Made In China

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Years of production practice at home and abroad has proved that excavators are suitable for the following work:

1. Excavator is used for loading, pushing and dumping, lifting and traction in the construction of open-pit mine development and stripping, railway foundation and road construction.

2. In small and medium-sized open-pit mines, it is used to replace excavators and cars as the main mining, loading and transportation equipment of the mine; It can work in combination with cars, and can also ship ore and rock to the crushing station.


3. In some large open-pit mines, cooperate with excavators to carry out mining and loading work and other auxiliary operations under complex conditions (such as separation and mining, end of working face, dispersion of blasting piles, excavation of trenches, etc.).

4. It can be used for mining, loading and transportation in the working face with large slope to complete the difficult ore drawing work.

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