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Usage Of Electric Forklift Made In China

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Usage of electric forklift made in China:

1. Keep proper starting speed when starting, and do not rush.

2. Pay attention to the voltage of the voltmeter. If it is lower than the limit voltage, stop the operation.

3. It is not allowed to change the driving direction by pulling the direction switch during the walking of the forklift, so as to prevent burning out electrical components and damaging gears.electric forklift

4. Driving and lifting should not be carried out at the same time

5. Pay attention to driving hand washing. hydraulic pressure; Check whether the flow sound is normal. In case of abnormal sound, the fault shall be eliminated in time. It is strictly prohibited to operate with disease.

6. Slow down in advance during the transition.

7. When working on poor roads, the weight shall be appropriately reduced and the driving speed shall be reduced.

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