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Price Of Pipe Polishing Machine Made In China

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The polishing wheel of the round pipe polishing machine is connected with the motor through the polishing shaft pulley for rotary movement, and the guide wheel is connected with the motor through the reducer and coupling and fixed on the universal rotary radial feed slide base. A transversely movable linear guide rail is arranged between the polishing wheel and the guide wheel, two moving sliders are arranged on the guide rail, and the two sections of the workpiece are fixed on the moving slider, 

pipe polishing machineso that the workpiece can move back and forth on the linear guide rail. When the feed handle on the slide is operated, the guide wheel contacts the workpiece and the workpiece starts to rotate. Continue to feed and contact the polishing wheel. When the polishing wheel rotates, the workpiece is ground. At the same time, the workpiece moves axially to complete the polishing of the workpiece.

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