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Pipe Polishing Machine

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Pipe Polishing Machine

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Pipe Polishing Machine

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Pipe Polishing Machine Description

The polishing wheel of the round tube polishing machine is connected with the motor through the polishing shaft pulley for rotary movement, and the guide wheel is connected with the motor through the reducer and coupling and fixed on the universal rotary radial feed slide base. A transversely movable linear guide rail is arranged between the polishing wheel and the guide wheel, two moving sliders are arranged on the guide rail, and the two sections of the workpiece are fixed on the moving slider, so that the workpiece can move back and forth on the linear guide rail. When the feed handle on the slide is operated, the guide wheel contacts the workpiece and the workpiece starts to rotate. Continue to feed and contact the polishing wheel. When the polishing wheel rotates, the workpiece is ground. At the same time, the workpiece moves axially to complete the polishing of the workpiece.

Main working principle: compared with manual machinery, the improvement of automatic polishing machine mainly includes automatic consumables compensation, automatic swing polishing, automatic waxing, automatic conveying and so on.

Polishing worktable: automatic polishing equipment has worktables for polishing products, including round, square and with fixtures, which are mainly set according to polishing products. The worktable is mainly used to fix the products and drive the products for polishing, so as to ensure that the parts of the product surface that need polishing can be polished. For example, for cylindrical side polishing, we need to design an automatic rotating workbench and fixture to ensure the polishing of the five dead corners of the side.

Polishing consumables: the main shaft is fixed to the polishing wheel, and manual machinery also has this part, which is the main configuration of polishing. During automatic polishing, the main shaft is pressed down to contact the polished product, and the workpiece can achieve the effect of smooth surface through physical grinding. Some equipment with high automation is also equipped with automatic compensation device. When polishing consumables will gradually wear out due to long-term grinding consumption in the polishing process, this device can automatically compensate to keep the distance between consumables and polishing workpiece all the time.

Motor: divided into main motor and servo motor. The main motor is used to drive the main shaft to rotate and the polishing wheel to rotate the main force. Generally, we believe that the higher the speed of the polishing wheel, the better the polishing effect. In fact, it is not always the case. At present, the automatic polishing equipment mainly adopts 7.5 kW and 11 kw motors, which basically meet most of the polishing requirements. Servo motor is mainly used to ensure the stability of mechanical swing and polishing operation. Some equipment is not equipped for cost saving or equipment with low polishing requirements.

Dust prevention device: manual polishing dust has great harm. Although automatic polishing has less manual contact, the dust has not been reduced. The dust cover device is used for polishing dust of mobile phones. Through dust pumping, dust accumulation and other measures, it can greatly reduce the polishing dust in the air and reduce the harm of dust to human body.

In addition, the automatic polishing equipment also has the configuration of air pressure setting, vacuum suction, conveying and propulsion, etc. due to the variety of equipment, there are often differences. In short, automatic polishing has more advantages than manual polishing in terms of production safety and efficiency, effect and stability.

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