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Operation Guide For Tube Polishing Machine

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The round pipe polishing machine is suitable for polishing, descaling, derusting, wiredrawing, water grinding, polishing and mirror polishing of the surface of round pipes (rods) of various hardware, such as round pipes, round rods, slender shafts, electroplating, hardware, mold processing, air spring rods, hydraulic fittings, copper tubes, copper rods, steel tubes, iron rods, stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes, handicrafts processing, steel and wood furniture, gas tubes, vehicle accessories, iron tubes, aluminum tubes, shafts, aluminum alloys and so on. 

pipe polishing machineVarious abrasive grinding tools (abrasive cloth impeller, nylon wheel, hemp wheel, cloth wheel PVA, and wool wheel abrasive belt drawing) can be selected to complete multiple grinding of different thicknesses. Automatic feeding supporting equipment can be selected. The round tube polishing machine can improve the work efficiency, improve the surface finish of the workpiece, and make your workpiece higher grade.

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