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How To Operate The Tube Polishing Machine Correctly

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When operating the round pipe polishing machine, we should focus on safety. First, we should check the power supply and keep the switch intact. The switching power supply must be on the wall. It is strictly prohibited to connect and pull wires indiscriminately. When cleaning the equipment, prevent water from splashing onto the power supply. Non operators are prohibited from entering the working area; In case of tightening, to prevent accidents during the use of the polishing machine, the main power switch should be turned off immediately. 

pipe polishing machineIf it is necessary to take down the polishing mound to observe the wafer, stop the rotation of the polishing disc, and then lift the pressure control arm. Only when the pressure control arm is lifted safely can the polishing mound be taken out; It is forbidden to extend any part of the body into the polishing area during the operation of the polishing machine to avoid accidents; Turn off the automatic mixer when changing the polishing liquid to avoid danger; Turn off the main switches of water, electricity and gas after the operation.

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