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Band Saw Machine

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Band Saw Machine

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Band Saw Machine

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Band Saw Machine Description

Metal band sawing machine is mainly used for cutting, low alloy steel, high alloy diamond, special alloy steel and stainless steel. According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal metal band sawing machine, vertical metal band sawing machine, and horizontal band sawing machine is also divided into scissors type, double column and single column type band sawing machine; It can be divided into manual type (economic type, manual feeding, manual cutting of materials) and automatic type according to the use situation; According to the automatic program using the controller, it can be divided into manual type (semi-automatic manual feeding) and full-automatic type (automatic feeding and automatic cutting); According to the requirements of cutting angle, it is divided into angle sawing machine (capable of sawing angle of 90 ° 45 °) and no angle, i.e. 90 ° vertical cutting.

Six advantages of metal band sawing machine:

1. Cutting speed hydraulic control, stepless speed regulation.

2. The structure of the guide block is scientific and reasonable to prolong the service life of the saw blade.

3. Double column structure, stable operation.

4. Stable sawing and high precision.

5. The working clamping adopts hydraulic clamping, which is convenient to operate.

6. Three way hydraulic clamping device can be customized.

Precautions for operation of CNC hydraulic metal band sawing machine:

1. The operation and maintenance personnel of band sawing machine must receive professional training and master the operation and maintenance skills of band sawing machine. Operators shall ensure adequate sleep and keep focused.

2. When changing speed, you must stop first and then open the protective cover. Turn the handle to loosen the belt, place the V-belt in the groove of the required speed, then tension the belt and cover the protective cover.

3. The adjustment of the wire brush for removing chips shall make the wire contact the tooth of the band saw blade, but not beyond the root of the tooth. Pay attention to whether the wire brush can remove iron chips.

4. Adjust the guide arm along the dovetail guide rail according to the size of the processed workpiece, and lock the guide device after adjustment.

5. The maximum diameter of sawn material shall not exceed the specified value, and the workpiece must be clamped firmly.

6. The band saw blade shall be properly tightened, and the speed and feed rate must be appropriate.

7. Cast iron, copper and aluminum parts do not need cutting fluid, and other parts need cutting fluid.

8. The saw blade breaks during cutting. After replacing the new saw blade, the workpiece must be turned over and sawed again. The saw bow shall be lowered slowly without impact.

9. The operator is strictly prohibited to leave the post and operate with gloves during cutting.

10. At the end of each shift, the power supply must be cut off, the protective cover must be opened, the chips brought around the saw wheel must be removed, and daily maintenance and surrounding cleaning work must be done.

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