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Circular Gsa Cutter

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Circular Gsa Cutter

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Circular Gsa Cutter

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Circular Gsa Cutter Description

The circular gas cutter is placed on the steel plate to be cut through the three support points on its base. The motor drives the adjustable length radius rod through the gearbox and then drives the cutting torch to rotate for cutting. It can also cut when the steel plate is placed vertically and at an angle, and can perform gas cutting concentric circle cutting. The use of the circular gas cutter can improve the work efficiency, ensure the quality, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

1. Silicon controlled speed regulation, mechanical two pole speed change, stable operation speed;

2. The bottom of the machine body is equipped with rollers for easy movement;

3. The rotary gas distributor is adopted, and the rubber tube is not wrapped during operation;

4. Specializing in cutting round parts, round holes, flanges, etc;

5. This machine is made of high strength aluminum alloy die casting, light and portable. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other fields


6. The roundness deviation is less than 1mm.

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