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Working Principle Of Metal Gas Circular Cutting Machine

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Basic principle of gas cutting Manufacturing method of circular gas cutter: gas cutting is to use the heat energy of the gas flame to preheat the cutting part of the workpiece to a certain temperature (ignition point), and then spray high-speed cutting oxygen flow to make it burn and release heat to achieve cutting. However, the metal that can be gas cut shall meet the following conditions:

The ignition point of metal materials in oxygen shall be lower than the melting point. The melting point of metal oxide shall be lower than that of metal. The thermal conductivity of metal cannot be too good. Metal combustion shall be exothermic reaction. There should be few element impurities in the metal that hinder cutting and harden easily.

circular gas cutter

According to the above conditions, low carbon steel has the best gas cutting performance. Cast iron and stainless steel cannot meet the above conditions, so it is difficult to carry out gas cutting.

Classification of gas cutting essentials: gas cutting is based on manual gas cutting, semi-automatic gas cutting and automatic gas cutting. The manual gas cutting has good compliance, but the gas cutting accuracy is low, and the cutting quality is poor; Semi automatic gas cutting is widely used in China. It can be used to cut straight lines, circular shapes, inclined planes and V-shaped grooves. The cutting quality is good; The automatic gas cutting machine generally adopts the numerical control gas cutting machine, which has the best cutting quality and the highest efficiency, and can complete the gas cutting blanking of major shapes.

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