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Paper Core Cutting Machine

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Paper Core Cutting Machine

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Paper Core Cutting Machine

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Paper Core Cutting Machine Description

Technical principle of paper pipe cutting machine:

The main circuit of the paper pipe cutting machine uses PLC controller to work. Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, high-speed Slitter can cut 10-20 times per minute. The counter of the toilet paper core cutting machine can set the number of cutting, and automatically stop after cutting. The total counter can count the workload records of a day. The front clamp, rear clamp, cutter speed and feeding speed can be adjusted. Semi automatic type can cut 0-45 degree inclined pipe.

Safety operation procedures for paper core cutting machine:

1. The mechanical safety device must be used correctly according to the regulations, and must not be removed for use.

2. When the paper pipe cutting machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to adjust it by hand; It is also not allowed to measure parts by hand, or to lubricate or clean sundries. If necessary, the mechanical equipment shall be shut down first.

3. The tools, fixtures and processed parts used by the paper pipe cutting machine must be firmly clamped without loosening.

4. During the operation of the paper pipe cutting machine, the operator shall not leave the work position to prevent the problem from being handled by nobody.

5. After the work is completed, the switch shall be turned off, the tools and workpieces shall be withdrawn from the work position, the work site shall be cleaned, the parts and fixtures shall be placed in order, and the equipment of the paper pipe cutting machine shall be cleaned.

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