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Operating Procedures For Paper Core Cutting Machine

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Before any equipment is operated, it is necessary to understand its operating procedures to ensure the safety of the later work. The paper die cutting machine is no exception. Next, we will tell you about the safe operating procedures of the toilet paper core cutting machine:

1. The safety device of the paper cutting pipe machine shall be used correctly according to the regulations, and it cannot be removed and not used.

2. When the tape paper core cutting machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to adjust it by hand; It is also not allowed to measure parts by hand, or to lubricate or clean sundries. If necessary, the mechanical equipment shall be shut down first.

paper core cutting machine

3. The tools, fixtures and processed parts used by the pipe cutting machine must be firmly clamped without looseness.

4. When the toilet paper tube cutting machine is running, the operator shall not leave the work position to prevent no one from handling the problem.

5. After the work is completed, the switch shall be turned off, the tools and workpieces shall be withdrawn from the working position, the work site shall be cleaned, the parts and fixtures shall be placed in order, and the equipment of the paper pipe finishing cutter shall be cleaned.

The above is the safe operation procedure of the paper tube finishing machine. You should follow the correct operation method to reduce unnecessary losses.

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