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Ingot Folding Machine

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Ingot Folding Machine

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Ingot Folding Machine

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Ingot Folding Machine Description

The CNC Yuanbao machine adopts new technologies such as touch screen, electronic CNC measuring brake and manual expansion paper threading shaft. Compared with the old Yuanbao machine, it is more digital, easy to operate and simple. Automatically control the feeding force of the paper shaft to make the feeding process of raw materials more stable, which plays an important role in the stability of equipment production. End the old paper feeding method, so that the operator can complete the replacement of raw materials faster, saving time and labor! This Yuanbao machine adopts a single air pump sealed air supply system, which has less noise and more stable suction system compared with the old model. This model can also be customized according to different sizes of users' requirements for Yuanbao!

The technical advantages of Folding Ingot Machine are mainly reflected in automation, programming, interface, intelligent control system, working speed, self diagnosis function and safety protection. These functions and advantages of fully automatic Gold Ingot Folding Machine have made it widely used. Next, Props Yuanbao Machine factory will give us a detailed introduction.

Technical advantages of fully automatic Yuanbao machine:

1. The automatic Ingot Machine adopts the automatic folding technology of blowing and knife brake.

2. Equipped with full Chinese computer man-machine dialogue interface, vertical and horizontal disassembly times, easy programming.

3. Large screen LCD and intelligent control system are selected.

4. The full-automatic Origami Machine adopts the double wheel and double speed length measurement system, which can be set and folded accurately at one time regardless of the size of cloth.

5. The working speed conditioning range is large, which can match all kinds of ironing machines.

6. Relay port output is selected for electrical control. The full-automatic Paper Folding Machine does not need central relay, and the action is accurate and convenient for protection.

7. The fully automatic Props Yuanbao Folding Machine has the function of self diagnosis, single link signal detection technology and perfect safety protection system.

8. Equipped with automatic static elimination equipment and safety protection switch, Gold Tin Platinum Paper Folding Machine works more safely and reliably.

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