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How To Operate The Ingot Folding Machine

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 How To Operate The ingot folding machine

1. From the start of Yuanbao machine, we should not be careless. First, we should use electricity to make the machine roll slowly to ensure that the parts of the machine work well and there are no sundries squeezing the machine. When the machine cannot roll, please do not force it to roll. Check whether there is any foreign matter falling into the machine first.

2. During operation, gears, sprockets and copper sleeves shall be oiled in time to smooth the machine and extend its service life.

ingot folding machine

3. When the equipment works, the problem is that the machine should be stopped for operation to prevent hand squeezing.

4. The machine should be accelerated slowly during normal operation, and then the machine should be prevented from accelerated wear.

5. The shutdown should be stopped slowly to prevent the paper breaking knife from pressing on the shaft.

6. Please do not disassemble the machine at will when problems cannot be solved. Please contact us.

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