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Operation Guide For Ingot Folding Machine

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In the process of using ingot folding machine, it is necessary to carry out frequent maintenance. At that time, it is necessary to consider all fields, so the three-stage maintenance method can be selected for Yuanbao machine. Then, at the time of the operation steps, what problems should we pay attention to? Here is an explanation of this problem.

1¡¢ Latest daily maintenance items:

1. Check whether the pressure of high-pressure gas meets the regulations. 2. Eliminate the remaining water in the source treatment component, and observe the oil level in the pneumatic triplet together. If the remaining oil is insufficient, add it immediately. 3. Clear the dust on the surface of each photoelectric switch. 4. Remove the exposed surface of Yuanbao folding machine.

ingot folding machine

2¡¢ Weekly maintenance

1. Add lubricating grease to the transmission chain and adjust the tension level of the transmission chain. 2. Adjust the tightness and looseness of the conveyor belt once.

3¡¢ One month maintenance of Yuanbao folding machine:

1. Add another lubricating grease to each transport roller. 2. Change the oil once after the first 300 hours of operation of the reducer, and then every 1500 hours of operation. 3. Check the tightening of each joint.

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